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Terms and Conditions

Client hereby grants Websiteglow Ghana a non-exclusive and limited license to use Client’s trade names, logos and other trademarks in connection with Websiteglow Ghana advertising, marketing and promotion of its products and services. The client agrees that any unsolicited positive feedback Client provides to Websiteglow Ghana may be used in any Websiteglow Ghana marketing and/or advertising materials (i.e., customer testimonials). The client further agrees that Websiteglow Ghana may use and display the graphics and other web design elements of the Client’s website as examples of Websiteglow Ghana’s website design and development work. To maintain Websiteglow Ghana’s portfolio credentials, and the integrity of any applicable copyrights, Websiteglow Ghana shall be entitled to place an unobtrusive credit with a hypertext link in the footer on each page of the Client’s website.

How do we Price?

We price based on the functionalities of a website. This is to say, the more functional the website, the higher the price. But as we say earlier(on the Home Page), our prices for services are very cheap.

Refund Policy

All website projects require part payment before the project commences. The part payment will be determined by Websiteglow Ghana and the decision will solely be based on the discretion of the company. Parties are to work together to ensure that the project is completed on time. If a client is dissatisfied with his/her project, the Client will give clear directions and design guides to enable Websiteglow Ghana to fulfil its responsibility towards the client. Under no circumstances will any monies collected for a project be refunded. Where a client wishes to cancel a project after time and resources have been deployed, the client is expected to pay Websiteglow Ghana compensation for time spent and resources deployed. Such compensation will be determined by Websiteglow Ghana and must be paid within 30 days after the said cancellation.

Call +233543212177 for more information.


Any delay caused by the client leading to a project being abandoned( in a situation where we have been calling the client and he/ she refuses to pick up our calls or gives us an unsatisfied reason for the delay) for four (4) to six(6) or more months gives Websitglow Ghana the chance to cancel the contract. And Websiteglow Ghana must not be blamed for this action.